21st Glitz & Glamour Theme Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning 21 is a big milestone in many people's lives. While some celebrate their coming of age with a conventional "Happy Hour" celebration, others opt for a 21st glitz and glamour theme party instead. Most people perceive 21 as the year an individual truly becomes an adult. Turning 21 allows you to legally drink alcohol (and lose the fake ID) and/or gamble (depending on which state you're from). If you're not into drinking or gambling, you can substitute alcohol for nonalcoholic beverages or gamble with pieces of candy instead of money.

Destination: Las Vegas

Nothing says glitz and glam like a trip to Vegas. Consider a full out destination Las Vegas party with your closest friends and require them to pack their finest nightlife apparel. For most people, Las Vegas represents the perfect landscape for turning 21 with easy access to drinking and gambling, the two freedoms that make turning 21 extra special. Split a nice hotel room with friends and live out your "Happy Hour" in luxury and excess.

Vegas Themed Party- At Home

If your budget is smaller, then consider bringing Vegas to you with a Las Vegas themed event. Have a casino theme party with gambling tables. Require the dress code to be cocktail attire. You can also serve alcohol in wine and martini glasses. Include a champagne fountain for a touch of luxury and even decorate the party room to look like a real casino.

High Class Power Hour

Celebrate your power hour at a high class location, such as a club or restaurant. Atmosphere and wardrobe are two major factors in providing the necessary glitz and glamour to your event. If possible, reserve a private section of the club for just you and your friends.

Other theme ideas

Some additional theme ideas for a 21st glitz and glamour party include having a "ritz" themed party with 1930s and '40s influences--think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. You can also throw a 1920s theme party with prohibition and speak easy undertones. Guests can even dress like flappers and gangsters. Back in the 1920s, alcohol wasn't allowed, so you may want to play off that theme and have a speakeasy atmosphere alcohol is secretly served while a jazz band (or jazz music) plays. You can also have a "movie star," "red carpet" or "Hollywood" party. Don't forget the red carpet, so you and your guests can stroll down it as they enter the party room while the paparazzi snaps their pictures.

Begin with the invite

Make the glitz and glamour theme apparent from the start with your invitation. Invitations set the tone, so design them with proper intention and execution. Let people know what to expect and what the required dress code is. Think about what glitz and glamour means to you for your 21st birthday party and make sure your invitations projects the vibe you're trying to achieve. Some visions of glitz and glamour may include bubbling champagne glasses, gowns and tuxedos, or partying like a rockstar.

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