Games for a Girls Night In

Every once in a while, it's refreshing for women to get together in their pyjamas, drink some cocktails, and have some fun at home. A girls night in can be a relaxing and exciting way to get to know people better, make new friends, and swap stories and ideas. There are a variety of games and activities to play that will make your girls night in a success.

Icebreaker Games

Never Have I Ever is a verbal game that will allow guests to get to know one another better. Everyone sits in a circle and puts up all 10 fingers. Every time someone names something you have done, you put a finger down. The object is to be the last one left with fingers up. One person starts with "Never have I ever ..." and names something she has never done while asking if others have done it. Betcha Didn't Know is another type of icebreaker game. Get a jar and some paper and have everyone in the room write down five things the others probably would not know about her. They can be funny, embarrassing or even serious stories. Pass the jar around and take turns pulling out a slip and trying to guess who wrote it.

Board Games

There are several board games you can play at your get-together that will provide great entertainment and laughter for all of the guests. Cranium is a game for four or more players divided into teams. Teams have to perform a variety of activities (there are 14 total), from humming a tune to drawing with your eyes closed. Apples to Apples is a game that revolves around making comparisons among various things. You and your friends will have a blast laughing at some of the interesting comparisons people pair together. A game all about bluffing, Balderdash allows you to make up silly answers and have the other players try to figure out if you are bluffing. A classic game such as Pictionary is easy to play and lets everyone get a good laugh out of trying to figure out what you are drawing. What's a Dame to Do is a more modern board game that involves trying to guess what the other players would do in certain situations. Once you reveal your Reaction card, which indicates what you would do in the particular situation, the laughter begins.


For a relaxing activity, have all of the guests bring their favourite nail polish and supplies and give each other manicures and pedicures. Have a cookie bake-off by having the guests each bring their favourite cookie recipe (already baked), and have a taste test to determine who has the best recipe. You could plan an evening of scrapbooking, enjoying each other's creative ideas and swapping supplies. Arrange for a movie marathon to watch all of the sappy chick-flicks the guys will never watch. Rent a karaoke machine from a local rental store for about £45 and have a karaoke contest. The girls will have a blast singing along and dancing to their favourite tunes. Borrow your kids' "Dance, Dance Revolution" video game so you and the girls can get a little silly dancing like the kids do.


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