Bell bicycle speedometer instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

More people are turning to cycling as a way to stay in shape as well as a means of transportation. There is equipment on the market to help you keep track of just how far you have biked, how fast you are going and how many calories are being burnt. One manufacturer of such speedometers is Bell.


Bell makes a wireless speedometer that is meant to be mounted on your bike to monitor several different factors. The magnet which holds the speedometer in place should be affixed to the right side of a front spoke. The flat side of the magnet should face out. Remove the tape from the back of the mounting bracket and position the bracket on the handlebar in the spot that would allow the speedometer to be most visible to you. The O-rings included then must be fastened to the underside of the handlebar, the top of the bracket and insert the computer unit to finish installation.


Once the unit is installed, it then must be calibrated for use. When turned on for the first time, the unit must be set according to your bike type and the size of your wheel. For road bikes, the code for 20-inch wheels is "1596." For 22-inch wheels, it is "1759." The 24-inch wheels require the code "1916." The 26-inch wheels use the code "2073." Finally, 27-inch or 700c wheels use "2124."

As for mountain bikes, those with 24-inch wheels will need input code "1888." For 26-inch wheels, the code is "2045." The 27-inch wheeled bikes use the code "2155." Lastly, 28-inch wheeled bikes would use the code "2237."

Once this is done, select whether you would prefer the distance to be listed in kilometres or miles. Press the right button to toggle between the two. Once you have decided, press the left button to confirm your choice. Similarly, you will need to decide between kilograms and pounds for your weight. Press the right button to choose, and left to confirm. After confirmation, input your weight and confirm it. From here, you will set the clock by pressing the right button and then the left button, once the right time is displayed. To ensure that the speedometer has been properly installed, spin the front wheel and watch for numbers in the upper left corner to indicate movement. Once it is properly working, you are ready to hit the trails.

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