Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu

Updated March 23, 2017

The pancreas is a very important organ. One of the many functions of the pancreas is to help control the body's digestive system. When this function goes awry all kinds of serious side effects may occur. Type 2 diabetics have increased risks of heart disease, vision problems, circulation, stroke and even cognitive deficits. One of the best ways to control active diabetes is with diet. The right diet can help a diabetic gain good blood sugar control and greatly reduce the risks of complications from the underlying illness.


Diabetics should consume breakfast as soon as possible after getting up to help avoid blood sugar problems. Start the morning right with three-quarters of a cup of a cereal high in bran. Simple bran flakes are ideal. Add in flavour with sliced fruit, such as an apple or five strawberries. Consume with a cup of low fat milk.

Another excellent option is two slices of toasted whole-wheat bread. Top with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. Peanut butter may be relatively high in fat, but the fat in peanut butter is generally thought to be heart healthy. Eat a banana and drink a glass of herbal tea.


Lunch should provide a mixture of carbs, vegetables and fats to help keep blood sugar readings steady. Make vegetable soup from vegetable stock, tomatoes, onion, spinach, green beans and corn. Let it simmer for 20 minutes. Serve with high fibre crackers. Eat a sandwich made from whole wheat bread, 56.7gr of turkey and an ounce of low fat cheese. Eat a piece of fruit. Alternatively consume a cup of steamed broccoli and a pita pocket filled with roast beef, mustard, tomatoes and a quarter cup of alfalfa sprouts. Round out the meal with a piece of fruit.


Dinner should be filling, but light if possible. Center the meal around a healthy protein, such as poultry, lean meats or fish. Broil 113gr of chicken, fish or low-fat beef. Baste with herbs and fresh lemon juice. Serve with a half cup of cooked carrots, half a cup of brown rice, a small salad and a modest piece of angel food cake. Substitute couscous for rice.


Consume at least two daily snacks to help control blood sugar, as the day progresses. A medium-sized banana, a small serving of low fat pudding, a piece of string cheese or a cup of freshly popped hot popcorn all make excellent snacking choices.

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