Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Updated April 17, 2017

Senior citizens can use their time to explore new hobbies and interests. Engaging older people with fun activities can help them to combat depression and may even improve their cognitive function. Whether you’re searching for activities to keep retirement centre residents entertained or to provide enjoyment for your elderly relatives, it’s essential to use creativity and sensitivity when making suggestions.


Scrapbooking gives senior citizens a chance to reminisce over photos and to brag on their family members. This activity also promotes memory recall and maintenance of fine motor skills. Invite participants for a series of activities including guided page constructions and show-and-tell sessions. Suitable page themes include “Wedding Bells” and “Holiday Happiness.” Provide scrapbooking supplies or ask participants to bring their own materials. Encourage senior citizens to bring family members to serve as helpers during these group-crafting sessions. Playing nostalgic music in the background can evoke lively memories about the “good old days.”

Classic Movie Marathons

Gather senior citizens for an afternoon of classic movie fun. These get-togethers can give seniors a chance to view timeless movies in the company of appreciative peers. Encourage participants to invite younger relatives who can develop an affinity for classic films. Movies starring such favourites as John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn make suitable selections. Choose a theme for these events, or make the movie flow random. Provide healthy snacks such as fruit trays, pretzels and fat-free popcorn.

Competitive Gaming

Give senior citizens an opportunity to challenge their peers in fun games. Choose games based on the preferences, abilities and limitations of the participants. For example, seated games such as draughts or chess make suitable selections for seniors who have trouble walking. Active seniors may enjoy physical games such as table tennis or horseshoes. Organise a game tournament in which participants compete for the title of “Senior Supreme.”

Help senior citizens enjoy a new dimension of the computer age with next generation gaming consoles. Video games allow players to compete in spirited competitions, without causing physical strain. Playing video games can help improve cognitive function, hand-eye coordination and decision-making abilities. Choose from a variety of games that include individual, partner and team play. Although memory-sharpening games such as Brain Age are suitable for seniors, avoid overlooking games such as Dancetown and Wii Bowling, which promote healthy physical activity.

Special-Interest Classes

Encourage senior citizens to expand their creativity and skills with special interest classes. This immersion in group activity also helps seniors combat loneliness. Painting, yoga and music appreciation classes represent suitable courses for active senior citizens. Advanced hobbies such as model making, car restoration and astronomy are also worthy of exploration. Seniors may even have the credentials to arrange or teach special interest classes. A variety of classes are held at community colleges, recreation centres and senior living facilities. Search community notice boards for information regarding private lessons and group activities.

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