Humorous ice breaker games for women's groups

Updated April 17, 2017

Women’s groups are great way for women to get together and discuss political, social and entertainment issues. Many women use these groups as a way to connect with other women in their communities and to make new friends when they move to a new city. With many of these groups, the conversations can quickly turn to touchy subjects such as sex, relationships and religion. Because of the delicate nature of their meetings, it is important that all members of the group are comfortable with one another.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a hilarious way to break the ice because it gets women talking about the crazy things they have and have not done. Everyone sits in a circle and holds up five fingers. The first woman in the circle (probably the group leader) starts off the game by saying something she’s never done. A great example would be, “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping,” or “Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster.” Anyone in the group who has done the action puts down a finger. Each woman in the group says something she has never done until one woman has put down all her fingers. This game gets everyone talking and usually leads to each woman who puts down a finger telling the story of how she got into the situation described.

Two Truths, One Lie

In the game Two Truths, One Lie, each woman writes her name on a scrap of paper. She also writes down (in any order) two things that are true about her and one thing that is not. Throw all the scraps into a hat and pass the hat around the group and have every member pick out a paper. If one of the women gets her own paper, she can put it back and choose another. Each woman in the group reads her paper and guesses which fact is a lie. The object of the activity is to get the group to learn more about one another. Place an emphasis on having the group list silly facts to keep everyone laughing. If you want to make the game more interesting, you can even make the rest of the group guess whose sheet it is.

Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is a great name game. Have all the women sit in a circle and have the women “shoot” one another. The first woman makes a gun with her hand and points her gun at another woman. She then says, “Bang, I just killed…” and fills in the gap with the name of the woman she shot. The woman who got shot must then say, “Oh no, … shot me,” and fill in the gap with the name of the shooter. Now she is the shooter and the game continues until each player is a shot. This game is a wonderful tool to teach everyone the names of their fellow group members, and it’s sure to lead to a wealth of giggles as everyone tries to remember the names of the shooters.


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