The best ways to hang posters

Updated March 23, 2017

When you order a poster online or buy one at a local store, you might not immediately think about how and where you will hang the poster. Of course, you can just stick four tacks in each corner of the poster, but if you want a more attractive, clean and professional look, you need to buy a few simple tools.

Buy a Frame

Get a poster frame to hang your poster on the wall. Choose the size that will comfortably fit the picture and pick a frame colour that will go with your general decor (such as wood, black, pastel, or other). Then, all you will need is one nail in the wall to hang your poster.

Poster Putty

If you decide not to go with a frame, your goal should be to have the poster hang on the wall without any tacks or tape showing on the front side of the poster. Poster putty is a safe and useful alternative (see "Resources" for an example). Break off a small piece for all four corners, attach each bit to the back of the poster and then position it on the wall. Consider having the poster laminated first if you choose this option.

Regular Double-Sided Tape

Another simple yet effective way to hang posters is to use thin double-sided tape. This is a good option because the tape stays hidden behind the poster. Place a small piece of the tape in all four corners and a few in the middle of the poster to keep it secured to the wall. The only downside of this option is that it could take some of the wall paint with it when removed.

Mounting Tabs

Purchase mounting tabs to affix your posters securely to the wall. These are small foam squares with double sided tape that are made to handle heavier posters (about two pounds or less) as compared to regular double-sided tape. So use this option if your poster is printed on a heavy card stock paper. Again, as is the case with any double sided tape, you could remove some paint from your wall if the poster is taken down.

Poster Hangers

For a very professional hanging, similar to what you might see in an art gallery, get poster hangers. First, put one small nail in the wall. You then slide the poster inside of a transparent folder and attach the provided top and bottom part that secures the poster in place. Finally, hang the poster on the nail using a string that is attached to the top part. See "Resources" for an example of this tool.

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