Fujifilm FinePix S9600 Tips

Updated April 01, 2017

The FujiFilm FinePix S9600 is a 9-megapixel digital SLR created by FujiFilm to be used by amateur photographers who are starting to get serious about their photography. If you have recently purchased a FujiFilm Finepix S9600 there are a few things you can do make sure you're getting the most out of your camera.

Use Scene Modes

Use the scene modes in the S9600 when taking pictures. The camera has a variety of built-in scene modes to help you adjust the camera settings for particular shooting situations. Modes such as portrait, landscape and night will automatically adjust the settings in your camera to the optimal settings for those types of conditions, making your pictures easier to capture.

Read the Instructions

Read the instruction book included with your Finepix 9600 to get a feel for where all the controls are on the camera. Knowing how to operate one digital SLR doesn't mean you will automatically know how to operate another. Learning how to do something such as adjusting the ISO can dramatically improve your pictures. The ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. Go into the settings menu and set a low ISO for bright conditions (so the sensor is less sensitive) and to a high number in dark conditions (so the camera is more sensitive).

Buy More Lenses

One of the biggest advantages of digital SLRs is the ability to change the lenses. The S9600 comes packaged with a pretty standard lens that won't let you zoom very far. Consider investing in a larger zoom lens or a wide-angle lens that will let you include more in your shots.

Use the Auto Functions

Turning the ring at the top of the camera to "AUTO" will have the camera automatically set things like your exposure and aperture for you. Use the autofocus by pushing the shutter button down halfway until your subject is in focus and then depressing it the rest of the way to take a picture. Take control of your focusing by turning the switch on the side of the camera from "AF" to "MF" and then using the outermost ring on the camera lens to adjust your focus.


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