How to Get a Multi Camera Angle Icon Off the DVD Screen

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DVD players are equipped with a variety of viewing options for taking advantage of the various special features available on many discs. Some DVDs are encoded with alternative camera angles so you can press a button on the remote control and view the program from a different perspective. This is a popular feature on concert DVDs, where multiple cameras might be employed to capture many angles of the performance. On some DVD players, the multi-camera angle icon displays on your screen to let you know the disc is in multi-angle mode. Use the remote control to remove the icon.

Press the "Menu" button or "Display" button on the DVD player remote control. There might be a designated angle button on some models for direct access to the multi-angle feature.

Push the down arrow key to highlight the multi-angle feature. This might be listed variously as "angle," "camera angle," multi-angle" or similar wording, depending on your DVD player brand.

Use the down arrow key to highlight "Off" or "Clear" and press "Enter" to remove the icon from your screen and revert playback to the standard viewing angle on the disc.

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