Baking Play-Doh

Updated July 20, 2017

You can bake Play-Doh to make your child's craft projects last longer. Play-Doh is not as hard as a modelling clay would be. If the finished product is going to be put on display instead of played with it should be OK. However, if this finished product is going to be played with by the child it will most likely break fairly easily.

Children love Play-Doh

Children love to make things with Play-Doh. Ordinarily these projects are made and children decide to tear them down and build something else. Sometimes, however, the child creates a masterpiece.

Baking Play-Doh

Baking your child's piece of art could be slightly difficult. You should make sure the oven is set to a low temperature. Put the Play-Doh on a baking tray with aluminium foil covering it. You should not use any type of non-stick spray. The non-stick spray will cause discolouration of your child's artwork. Watch the Play-Doh carefully to avoid melting or burning. Test for hardness with a toothpick every two minutes, when it is hard take it out.

Air drying Play-Doh

It may seem less time consuming to bake the Play-Doh to harden it, but air drying has the same effect. To cause the Play-Doh to harden faster you could put the artwork in direct sunlight. The sunlight will dry the Play-Doh out faster but be careful that it does not dry too fast. If you notice it cracking use a little water on your finger to smooth out the cracks. Using sunlight will also conserve energy, keeping you from using the oven unnecessarily.

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