Easy Ways to Make a Crochet Poncho

Updated April 17, 2017

You may be new at crocheting, but there is no reason why you shouldn't tackle making a poncho. In fact, it's not much more difficult than making a winter scarf. It's just larger and is a good second crochet project, allowing you to learn a few new skills. Several methods exist for crocheting a poncho, each giving a different appearance to the finished garment.

In the Round

A crochet poncho can be worked in the round. This means you will make a certain number of chains and then connect the first chain with the last one left on your crochet hook. From that point, continue to crochet around without having to turn your work. For a regular-sized adult woman's poncho, make 70 chains (size K hook), with two strands of yarn and then slip stitch to the first chain. Mark the beginning of the row with a stitch marker or a piece of alternate colour yarn, slipped between the stitches. Work two rounds of single crochet for the collar. Cut one of the yarn strands a couple of inches from the hook and work it into the last row. Continue working with one strand of yarn. Increase five stitches evenly around every row. An increase is done by working two single crochets in one stitch. When the poncho is the length you desire, cut the yarn. Remove the hook and pull the yarn tail through the last loop. Work the tail through the last row of crochet.

Boat Neck

Make a boat neck poncho by crocheting two rectangles and sewing the shoulders together. Measure your arms, spread out from your sides, from the middle of your left hand to the middle of your right hand. This is the length of each of your two crocheted rectangles. Chain 60 chains with a size K crochet hook. Work a single type of stitch or a combination of stitches until the piece is the length of the measurement. Cut the yarn and run the yarn tail through the hook's loop and pull. Work the yarn tail into the last crochet row. Repeat this process for a second crochet rectangle. Sew the two pieces together at the top (along two long rectangle sides), leaving enough room in the centre of the poncho to easily get your head through.


For a modular poncho, use two crocheted rectangles. Sew the short side of the rectangle to the long side of the other rectangle, making sure they meet at the corner, forming a "V" in the front. Sew it the same way in the back but in the opposite manner. This will form a "V" in the back, as well.. This is the more traditional type of poncho. This style is so simple you can make it for anyone, from infant to extra large, using any size crochet hook you like. Measure the person for the width of each rectangle, from the top of the shoulder to mid-hand. Crochet the length of each rectangle to match the measurement of the person around her whole body, including her arms at her sides. Add 10 inches to this measurement for ease of movement.


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