Easy ways to blow up balloons really big

Updated February 21, 2017

When preparing for a big party or celebration, balloons and lots of them are a must. This is a painstaking process when doing it by mouth and can lead to headaches and possible blackouts, which will put a damper on the preparations for a party and possibly damage your health. What you need is something that can pump air into a balloon at a steady rate, without popping the actual balloon, but not allowing air to escape either.

Electric Balloon Pump

The electric balloon pump may be the simplest balloon pump to operate, as once you've learnt to use the rocker switch (in other words flipping it on and off), all you do is plug the device in and let it do the work for you. While the aforementioned rocker switch turns the pump on and off, the nozzle can also be simply pressed down, which will trigger the motor and pump air into the balloons. Different nozzle heads come with many of these pumps as well, so it works with all types of balloons. Make sure you purchase one with a patented design that prevents overheating, as that has been a major problem in the other electric balloon pumps.

Balloon Floor Pump

A Balloon Floor Pump weighs about 2.72kg. and stands about two and a half feet high and is an excellent way to fill up balloons with regular air very quickly. Just one or two pumps will fill up a regular balloon. The balloon floor pump is used by lifting the body of the pump up from it's plastic base, placing the limp balloon on top and simply pressing the body back down. Think of it as a reverse syringe, with the plunger touching the floor and the balloon on top. These pumps are usually bought by professional clowns, but aren't terribly expensive for the average consumer to purchase. The PVC versions of these pumps are about £97.50, whereas the heavy duty cardboard versions are £48.70 a piece.

Helium Tanks

Helium-filled balloons add something to the balloons at a party in general, but seem like a bit more of a hassle as you have to find and rent a helium tank. This actually isn't as difficult as you might think, as the rental headquarters through the American Rental Association can advise you on the best place to rent a helium tank in your area. Most helium tanks are rather simple to operate and most rental locations will include instructions and safety precautions. While the big tanks are rather heavy, most small and medium sized tanks can be carried easily and often come with built-in handles.

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