Popular crafts to make that will sell

Updated April 17, 2017

Selling your crafts can be both rewarding and profitable. Although it can be difficult to narrow down your interests, doing so can allow you to focus on making creative and well-constructed products. Whether your goal is to run a seasonal booth at a flea market or to start your own home-based business, selecting popular items that will sell can boost your profits and your crafting confidence.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets remain a popular purchase option for both planned and spontaneous gifting. Tempting customers with beautifully decorated seasonal and special occasion baskets can result in multiple orders. Offering a variety of customisation options and standard baskets can help you defeat the competition. Focusing your primary efforts on major holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day can ensure you're fine during the dry spells. Developing a line of standard baskets that can be customised for different occasions can save time and money. For example, an ordinary bath basket can be transformed into a "get well" or birthday gift basket, by simply adding coordinating balloons and tissue paper.


Costume jewellery is fairly easy to make and can be marketed for gift giving or for self-purchasing. Tailoring the type of jewellery you make to the purchase habits of your target market is essential. For example, trying to sell necklaces made from polished lampwork beads to buyers who prefer hand-woven seed bead necklaces can be frustrating. Offering a few unique pieces can catapult your sales. For example, offering bracelets in popular team colours prior to pivotal games can give you an extra boost of exposure. Making jewellery that contains seasonal charms and colours can also give you a competitive edge.

Custom Cards

Custom cards are popular for buyers who like the look of homemade cards, but don't have the desire or skill to make them. Special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduations can be enhanced with intricate homemade cards. Stressing that you can provide a custom message can bring in well-intentioned customers who are tired of searching store shelves in vain. Offering a few basic designs can allow you to make the cards quicker. Offering packages, which include set amounts for extra wording and embellishments, can alleviate haggling over fees. Consider offering discounts for repeat customers and package deals that include multiple cards.

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