Methods to increase testosterone levels

Updated March 23, 2017

The hormone testosterone helps men have stronger male characteristics. It may be used to build muscle mass and increase libido. There are many testosterone patches and creams available that help increase the hormone levels in the body, but few have been fully tested for safety. There also are some natural ways to increase testosterone levels. Consult a physician before adding any new supplements to your diet.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies may be a good method for increasing testosterone levels. As the dosage and side effects are very low, you may be able to achieve your desired results before purchasing many different products and supplements. Homeopathic testosterone is a possible remedy as it supplies a very low dose of testosterone in an attempt to stimulate the body to produce more of the hormone on its own. Other homeopathic remedies help increase sexual drive which is often linked with your level of testosterone. Use Baryta carbonica to raise your low testosterone levels and low level of sexual desire. This is the proper remedy if you are noticing premature ejaculation, a small, cold, flaccid penis, and nighttime secretion of fluids after intercourse. Causticum should be used if your low sexual desires are tied to prostate problems and constant fatigue and weakness. Phosphoricum acidum is used for quickly lost erections, penis hypersensitivity, and a loss of sexual desire. Try one of these remedies at low doses (12c or lower) twice daily for two weeks. Evaluate your results to see if you need more supplements (see reference 2).

Herbal Remedies

Some herbs stimulate the body into creating more testosterone. In Chinese folklore, the herb ginseng has been linked to improved virility along with sexual stamina and longevity. The Chinese herb fo-ti (also known as ho shou wu) has been linked to an increase in testosterone and an improvement in longevity. Use muira puama, which has the nickname "potency wood" to stimulate your libido and testosterone levels. These three herbs are just a few of the potential testosterone level risers which include damiana and sarsaparilla. If you are trying to raise testosterone for sexual reasons you may require help bringing blood to the penis. Improve your circulation and sexual function by taking Ginkgo biloba. Try one of these herbs for two weeks at a time to see if they work for you and then try another if you don't experience any results (see reference 1).

Removing Self-Limitation

One thing to keep in mind when trying to increase testosterone levels is that there are many activities you can do that will actually decrease your levels. Remove the following habits from your life to ensure that your testosterone level is not limited. Decrease the stress in your life as it may be producing the hormone prolactin which causes testosterone to drop. Try meditation, yoga, or some simple silent reflection every day. Alcohol can increase your prolactin levels as well. Additionally, alcohol can wreak havoc on the liver, an organ that helps to maintain proper levels of male hormones. A damaged liver leads to lower levels of testosterone, so try detoxifying your liver by limiting or eliminating your consumption of alcohol and by using herbs such as milk thistle. Being overweight and out of shape will throw your body's hormone levels off as well. Start an exercise routine and a healthy diet. By improving your day-to-day life and supplementing with homeopathic and herbal remedies, you may be able to increase your testosterone naturally (see references 1 and 2).

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