Where Can I Buy Xango Juice in the UK?

Updated February 21, 2017

Xango juice, marketed by its maker under the moniker Xango, is one of several food and skin care products based on the mangosteen fruit. Xango juice is sold directly from the company website and from local distributors but not from retail stores. A multi-level marketing concern, Xango has a well developed web interface with links and customer service numbers for direct order, distributor location and becoming a distributor along with information on its product lines.

The Mangosteen Fruit

Xango juice is a liquid nutritional supplement based on the perceived health promoting attributes of the tropically grown mangosteen fruit and the natural chemical xanthones that they contain. Native to Southeast Asia, Mangosteen is a fragrant segmented fruit covered in a thick dark peel with the taste and texture of a nectarine but with a creamier flesh that is both sweet and tart. The whole mangosteens are cleaned and the rind softened and then the entire fruit is puréed into a juice and bottled. As of September 2009, a 750-ml bottle of Xango retails for approximately 8.62 Kilogram sterling. Xango has been in business since 2003, and its juice and skin products are sold in 16 countries in addition to the United Kingdom.

Purchasing Xango

Xango can be ordered via telephone direct from their corporate operations customer service line at: 08-000324494 or via facsimile at: 08-0000326078. You can also reach customer service via an e-mail contact link embedded in the website. Xango juice and the entire range of Xango products are sold by a network of independent contract distributors. You can locate a distributor using an online tool at the Xango website by entering your address, postcode and contact information to be connected with a distributor nearest to you. Also some distributors have set up independent splash pages online so searching for your city and "Xango distributor" may yield a direct contact if there is one. Xango approves and sells distributorships with overlapping territories so choosing a specific distributor from the options is under your control.

Shipping & Delivery Time

As of September 2009, orders for Xango that are shipped will come from the company's distribution centre near Heathrow Airport and are delivered by Parcel Force with UPS making deliveries to addresses in Ireland. Shipments are delivered in five to 10 business days and tracking information is ready within 24 hours of an order being placed.

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