Herbs for a Hormone Imbalance in Men

Updated April 17, 2017

Fatigue, mood swings, thinning hair and acne signal a hormone imbalance in men. Symptoms typically start at age 40, but can strike men at a younger age. A male hormonal imbalance is mainly caused by low levels of testosterone and causes further problems if left untreated. Natural treatments and herbs are available to treat this condition and restore normal levels of testosterone to the body.


Testosterone can be produced naturally in the body with the right herbs and supplements, such as royale. This herb is a dietary supplement that acts as a tonic for the endocrine system, helping the pancreas to produce more insulin and the testicles to produce more testosterone. When used in conjunction with foods like soy, the body absorbs these herbs more readily.


Damiana is a supplement used to balance male hormones and treat erectile dysfunction. It contains natural herbs that stimulate testosterone in the body and is also used as a mild aphrodisiac. Damiana contains high amounts of iron, niacin and vitamin A, which all benefit the male body. Iron is vital because it helps transfer oxygen; without it, the lungs cannot metabolise oxygen to other parts of the body. Niacin and vitamin A help maintain healthy immune and digestive systems. Vitamin A also plays a key role in the reproductive process for males, including reproduction of sperm and maintaining proper hormone levels.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is an herb with hormone balancing qualities. It stimulates the production of natural male hormones and contains high amounts of zinc that are also beneficial to the male system. Wild yam is also used for arthritic relief and prevention of muscle spasms. Zinc brings vitamin A to the liver and is vital for the metabolising this vitamin. Zinc benefits immune resistance, digestion, reproduction and physical growth, as well as maintains proper hormone levels in men. It also helps manufacture insulin in male sperm and keeps the prostate healthy.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a powerful herb that stimulates reproductive glands as well as strengthens the male reproductive system. This herb is a hormone stimulant that balances hormone levels, increases testicular size and is often used to increase fertility. Saw palmetto is used for prostatitis as well and reduces the swelling and inflammation of an enlarged prostate.

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is naturally herbal tonic that is effective as it increases healthy circulation in the reproductive area, delivering high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals to the body system. The additional oxygen made available from increased circulation regulates levels in the reproductive system and aids in balancing hormones.


Soyam is an herbal dietary supplement used to treat male problems. This herb helps to prevent cancer in the prostate and naturally increases levels of testosterone. It is rich in phytosterols that are crucial for proper hormonal balance. Phytosterols are precursors to progesterone, which in turn metabolises into a form of testosterone. Phytosterols are natural forms of testosterone; if men are suffering from low testosterone levels, the immune system is compromised. Weight gain and prostate cancer are also linked to low levels of this hormone.

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