How Can I Create My Own Email Address?

Updated March 23, 2017

Making your own e-mail address is actually one of the easiest things to do on the Internet. If you've never had an e-mail account before, you will be glad to know that making an e-mail account is absolutely free. Companies can provide e-mail addresses for free because they make money off of the advertisements that appear on your e-mail page. Some of the best websites that you can get your own e-mail address at are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.


Google's e-mail website is known as Gmail and is perhaps the most popular website for getting an e-mail address besides Yahoo. One of the nicest features of Gmail is being able to chat with other people that have Gmail via chat. If you do not want people to send you chat messages, you can set your status as busy or away. This will tell people that you are not available to chat with them or that you are away from your computer. One of the most unique features of Gmail is Gmail voice chat that allows you to have a voice chat or video conference via your Gmail account.


Yahoo is probably the most popular website for e-mail. Like Gmail, signing up for a Yahoo e-mail account also gives you access to Yahoo Messenger. However, Yahoo e-mail does not have voice or video chat like Gmail does. Yahoo is also fully compatible with mobile e-mail technology. This allows you to check your e-mail from your cell phone while you are out of the house or at work.


Hotmail is another one of the most popular websites for e-mail and is a service that is run by Microsoft. When you first sign up for a Hotmail account, you will be given 5GB of storage space. However, if you run out of storage space Microsoft will automatically increase the amount of storage space that you have to store e-mails. If you sign up for a Hotmail account, you will also be able to use it to sign into Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging programs on the Internet.


AOL is another one of the most popular websites for e-mail. By signing up for an AOL e-mail account you will also have access to AOL Instant Messenger. AOL Instant Messenger is one of the most popular applications that people use for instant messaging. AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM, allows you to have voice and video chats while talking to your friends via chat. AOL e-mail only has basic e-mail features, but having access to AIM is the major advantage of having an AOL account.

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