Ideas for Makeup Business Names

Written by chris carson

If you've decided to market makeup for a living, you'll need a catchy business name to stand out from your competitors. Once you come up with the perfect makeup business name, you'll also need to make sure nobody else is already using it.


As you brainstorm business names, keep in mind that once you establish a name, you'll likely have to stick with it for a long time, so make sure it is something you like and something you can build a brand around.

The name can be clever, but it should make clear what your business is all about. You don't want potential customers turning away because they can't figure out what you're selling. Try to tie into your product's special characteristics. If your product boasts only all-natural ingredients, a variation on "Natural Beauty" would be a good choice for you.


Some ideas to get you started: Makeup Your Face; Glamour Puss Makeup; Kiss and Makeup; Natural Beauty Makeup; Rosy Cheeks Makeup; All Made Up.


Whatever name you choose, you will need to investigate to make sure it is not already being used. Check with your local corporation commission, your state secretary of state and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is a good idea to have several names picked out in case your first choice has already been claimed by someone else.


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