What color trousers to wear with brown shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Brown shoes are one of the more popular colours of shoes available on the clothing market. There are many options of trousers to wear with brown shoes. Although any colour is possible, there are colours that accentuate the look of brown shoes better than others.


Wear khaki trousers with brown shoes. This is a light brown colour that goes well with brown dress shoes and can be worn with many different styles of brown shoes, including loafers, tennis shoes and brown boots. Khaki is a very popular, versatile colour of clothing that is often seen in military uniforms. It is seen as a casual colour for trousers and can be worn to the office or casually to a club or outdoor event. Women's styles of khaki trousers and dresses work very well with brown pumps or flats as well. Wear a khaki skirt and a dark brown blouse with dark brown shoes for maximum effect and to accentuate the chocolate brown of the shoes and blouse.

Blue Jeans

Throw on a pair of blue jeans with your brown shoes. Blue jeans are made of denim and can be worn with any colour shoe. Brown shoes are perfect because they do not conflict with the blue in denim as much as black or white do. As it is sometimes the hardest to match brown shoes with trousers, blue jeans are a great choice and are not only perfectly complementary to brown shoes but also very comfortable. Wear a denim skirt or low-cut jeans with high-heeled pumps for a modern look mixing the formal look of the shoes with the casual cut of the blue jeans. Women have many fashionable options for brown shoes for an outfit such as this.


Wear a pair of brown trousers with your brown shoes. Although this may be obvious, many men are not aware that it is perfectly acceptable to wear brown trousers with brown shoes. It is a safe choice, and it is well advised to attempt to match the browns as well as possible. If this is not possible, wear trousers that are lighter in shade than your shoes to accentuate your fashion sense. Women can wear a chocolate-coloured dress with any shade of brown shoes from high heels to flats and sneakers. Adding a black belt and brown hair accessories will create a great fall look.

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