Exercises To Reduce Breast Size

Updated November 21, 2016

When considering exercises to reduce breast size, there are a few things to remember. Breasts are made of glandular and fatty tissue. While their size and shape does fluctuate with weight change, it is not possible to spot reduce (to lose weight only in one area).

It is possible to tone and firm the muscles around the breasts. Exercises which increase the size of muscles surrounding the breasts (chest, arms, back and abdomen) will help firm and lift the area and make the breasts look smaller or more proportional in relation to the body. Additionally, cardiovascular exercises can burn calories.


Tackle cardiovascular exercise to shed pounds, which may decrease your breast size along with reductions in other body fat. Excellent forms of cardio include running, aerobics, swimming and biking.

Running burns the greatest number of calories per workout. Swimming will increase the tone of your lats, which run along your back just behind the arms, and may help your chest to visually appear smaller.


Perform bench presses with a barbell or pair of dumbbells while lying on a weight bench. Lift the weight vertically and away from your body until your arms are nearly straight. It is not necessary to lock your elbows. Lower the weight until your elbows reach your sides.

Try an around-the-world to work the chest and shoulders. Lie on the weight bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms up, the weight resting against your outer thigh. Bring your arms up in an arc, as if doing a jumping jack, until your hands meet over your head. Return the weights along the same path, following your side and coming to rest on the thighs once again.

Begin with single sets of five to 10, then increase to multiple sets. Vary the routine by raising and lowering the weights slowly, incrementally during some sets.


Increase the size of your biceps and triceps and your breast size will look comparatively smaller. Basic lifts for the larger muscles of each area are best. For biceps, perform curls with the largest weight you can comfortably use to complete eight repetitions with good form. When you can perform 12 reps, increase your weight again.

For triceps, kickbacks are a good choice. Lean forward and place your left hand on your slightly bent left knee for support. Grip a dumbbell in your right fist, raise your fist toward your right shoulder, then extend your elbow and bring your arm back until straight. Do not lock your elbow. Return along the same path. Repeat slowly, using the same sets and repetitions as with curls. Trade sides and repeat with the other arm.


Firm abdominal muscles help to support and lift the upper body, improving posture. Core exercises also help build large muscle groups, which burn a greater number of calories at rest or at work, leading to greater overall calorie burn.

Improve upon traditional crunches by performing them while holding a weight plate or dumbbell. You can achieve a more cinched in appearance in the waist and help your chest to look more proportional by engaging the obliques during crunches, so add sets which involve bringing your elbow to the opposite knee or alternating crunches to the left and right of your raised knees. These cross over moves will strengthen the side abdominal muscles.

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