Sony Ericsson Hands-Free Headset Instructions

Bluetooth headsets are a great technology that provides you with hands-free access to your phone without wires. Sony Ericsson has a wide variety of headsets for your mobile phone. Learn the basic instructions on how to operate one of these headsets. There are numerous models of headsets, but the basic instructions should apply to most models.

The Basics of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a new technology that allows you to have the benefits of a hands-free headset without the annoyance of wires. Most headsets allow you to be up to 30-feet away from your mobile device and talk on the phone. There are a wide variety of styles and features, depending on which model you choose. The main differences in styles have to do with how it fits on your ear, the battery life, and talk time. You can find a Sony Ericsson headset that fits your style and mobile communication needs.

How to Use Your Bluetooth Headset

All Bluetooth headsets need to be "paired" with your mobile phone. The pairing process is simple and every Bluetooth headset comes with easy to follow instructions on how to pair with your phone. The basic method is as follows charge the headset fully before use and put the headset in pairing mode. Many headsets have a "pairing button," or pairing can be accomplished by holding the "Power" button. Most headsets have a light that will glow solid when the headset is in pairing mode. On your phone, go to the Bluetooth services area and select "Add New Device." The phone will then search for your headset, and it should be detected. Once the headset is detected, most phones will ask for a passcode, which typically is "0000" or "1234." Your code will be in your headset instructions. Input the code and your device will be paired with your phone.

Once your device is paired with the phone, you will be able to make and receive calls on the headset. Depending on the specific features of your headset, you may be able to activate voice dialling, use call waiting or even have Caller ID on your headset. Typically, there is an "answer" button on the headset that you will press when you have an incoming call. Also, it is beneficial that if your phone is clipped to your belt, that your headset is on the same side of your body. This provides better reception to the headset. You should be able to be about 30 feet from your headset and have clear signal, but sometimes objects, such as walls, can limit your wireless range. If you hear crackling while talking on the headset, move closer to your phone.

Sony Ericsson Models

There are approximately 12 different models of Sony Ericsson Bluetooth headsets currently available through Sony Ericcson. They range in price from £26 to £117. Visit the site below for full details about each headset. Find one that fits your style and mobile communication needs.

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