How long to bake mini cupcakes?

Updated June 02, 2017

A cupcake recipe uses the same ingredients as a standard cake but because of its small size, it is ready to eat in less time. Because of this, preparing miniature cupcakes can be a great source of entertainment for kids on a rainy day, perfect for a birthday party or if you're feeling adventurous and want to try out lots of different flavours in one batch. With a recipe at your side, only a few small adjustments are needed to tweak your large cupcake recipe to the perfect one for mini cupcakes.

Baking Standard Cupcakes

When making miniature cupcakes, it is fine to use a standard cupcake recipe or cake recipe, which suggests using regular-sized cupcake tins or cupcake foils. The temperature for a standard cupcake tends to be around 176 degrees C, with a 20- to 25-minute baking time. It takes longer for a larger cupcake to cook than a smaller cupcake, however, so the temperature, the bake time, or both may need to be lowered to avoid overly-dry or even burnt miniature cupcakes.

Adjust the Temperature

One way to adjust a standard cupcake recipe for miniature cupcakes is to lower the temperature of the oven. By baking your miniature cupcakes 15 or even -3.89 degrees C cooler than recommended in your recipe, you can rely on the recipe's bake time without sacrificing the spongy, moist texture that cupcakes are known for.

Adjust the Baking Time

If you prefer to rely on the baking temperature provided in your standard cupcake recipe, then consider lowering the baking time. If a standard cupcake takes between 20 and 25 minutes to bake, then it takes half the baking time for your miniature cupcakes. This means your cupcakes could be finished between 10 and 15 minutes.

Adjust the Temperature and Baking Time

The best option for miniature cupcakes is to reduce both the temperature and the cooking time. Miniature cupcakes bake optimally around 162 degrees C for 18 minutes.

Check with a Toothpick

Cupcakes should be checked after 10 minutes with a toothpick. Seeing the batter mixture on the toothpick is a sign that the middle is still raw, so put the cupcakes back in the oven. Check every few minutes until the toothpick comes out clean.

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