Garden shed storage ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Garden sheds are an opportunity to have easily accessible, organised storage for your garden tools and supplies. Storage ideas can involve wall hooks for tools such as shovels, rakes and hoes. Cabinets and shelves can be helpful to organise smaller items. You can also neatly store gardening hoses and other irrigation equipment.

Wall storage

Using scrap 60 cm by 1.2 m (2 by 4 foot) boards, make tool racks by hammering large nails into them to serve as pegs, and hanging them on the wall. The tools that work best for this are shovels, hoes, rakes and similar gardening tools with handles. If the handle is made from wood and does not have a hole to hang it from a peg, drill a hole and thread some wire or twine through and tie it to make a loop. Hang the tool on the peg using the loop. If the tool has a wide end, simply hang it from this end with a peg holding up each side. A simpler option is to turn the tool heads-up and hang it between two nails. For your metal tools such as clippers or smaller trowels, consider hanging a magnetic strip, similar to what mechanics use to hold tools, or chefs use to hold knives. Also, using it to hold metal cans is a convenient way to store your smallest items.

Door hooks

Mount L-shaped toilet paper holders onto the shed door to hang rolls of string, wire or plant ties. Hang ropes and garden hoses on large door-mounted hooks. Use small hooks to hang bags that hold small items such as gloves, sunscreen and hats. Clear bags are recommended so that you can easily see all of the bags' contents, without having to dig through them.

Ceiling storage

To save additional floor space, attach a pot rack onto the ceiling to hang tools from the "S" hooks through loops in the handles. To create a "lazy Susan" to hang your tools from, suspend a bicycle wheel from a chain that is attached to the ceiling and strung through the wheel's centre. You can also try this with an old gate instead of a wheel. For long-handled tools used less frequently, place them on top of the wheel or gate to have them stored, but accessible.

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