Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Party Guests

Updated July 13, 2018

Most people understand that giving party gifts to children who attend birthday parties is common courtesy. While some people spend an arm and a leg to give nice gifts, there is no reason why party gifts cannot be purchased on a budget. After all, it is not the price tag, but rather the gesture that truly counts.

Baked Goods

Homemade cookies make great party gifts that are inexpensive and easy to make. Bake off a big batch of your child's favourite cookies and place three or four of them into cellophane bags tied with a ribbon. For an extra touch, add a recipe card disclosing your special recipe to all your child's party guests.

Bath Products

Bath products are great party gifts, especially for tweens and teens. You do not have to spend a mint on purchasing nice products if you are creative. Check your local dollar store for fruit-scented bath products and buy them at a dollar apiece. Alternatively, you could purchase the bath products at a semi-annual sale hosted by your local bath and body retailer. Frequently, bath products can be purchased at 75% off and then given away as party gifts when the time comes.

Custom T-shirts

The next time your local craft store has a big sale, purchase blank T-shirts for as little as a buck apiece. Provide some fabric paints and let the kids create their own custom T-shirts to bring home and keep after the birthday party.

Compilation CDs

Have your child choose her 10 favourite songs and use them to create a compilation CD to pass out to guests at the party. You might choose to put the CDs in cellophane bags and toss in some candy before tying with a bow and distributing.

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