Special 70th birthday ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrating someone's seventieth birthday is no small task. After all, that means they have successfully made it through seven entire decades. Planning or creating something significant is only natural so everyone can join together to celebrate and let the birthday celebrant know that they are loved and cherished.

Experience Days

Planning a party is one the most common things you can do. Instead, try giving an experience that he's never had before. Perhaps he's an avid NASCAR fan but has yet to make it to a race. Purchase tickets for the next big event and take him. Depending on how daring he is, and his health condition, he can even drive a real NASCAR at a real track. If he loves the Dallas Cowboys, take him to a game. Purchase the jersey of his favourite player so he has something to wear to the game. Jet simulations, helicopter and hot air balloon rides are available in many major cities.

For a sophisticated tea lover, plan a garden tea party with all of her children and grandchildren present. Tea or wine tasting events can be memory inducing events for the lady that enjoys tea or wine. Take a pottery or pottery decorating class with her so you both have something to remember the day by. Go to her favourite museum and let her show you her favourite exhibits. The time you spend with her is likely to mean more than any gift you give.

A family gathering where you play the home version of his favourite TV game show can turn into hysterical fun for the entire family. Think of what he enjoys the most and run with it. Try to plan something that he hasn't had the opportunity to experience, or hasn't got to do in a very long time.


Gifts can range from expensive store bought items to simple, homemade sentimental gifts. Perhaps the kids can make Grandma a special card. Everyone can make their own scrapbook page for her featuring a written message and their favourite photos of her. Put it all together and give it to her to always remember her 70th birthday and all of those who love her dearly.

Customisable picture frames, clocks, poems and plaques always work. Everyone can go in together for larger gifts, such as a special trip to a sporting event, concert or even a Broadway play. Vacations in exotic places, or to see their hometown may be appropriate as well. Depending on the needs and wants of the birthday celebrant, and the budget of the family, a new car or electronics may be the way to go.


In lieu of a party or large gift, the whole family can take a mini-vacation of sorts and rent a large lodge or hall to spend the entire weekend together. Sharing meals and spending an entire weekend with the lady of honour may make her birthday mean even more than before. Since life tends to get busy for everyone, that slow, un-rushed visiting time is likely to mean more than any monetary gift that can be purchased.


Food is an integral part of any celebration. Besides a special cake to honour the birthday guest, offer her favourite home cooked meal, or a variety of her favourite foods. If you are gifting him a vacation, how about the local cuisine of where he'll be going. Food from the culture of his favourite vacation would be appropriate as well. For ease, you can also host the party at her favourite restaurant.

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