Good luck gift ideas

If a friend, co-worker, or family member is about to embark on a new journey in life, a good luck gift is a way to show you care and wish them your best. Superstitions regarding luck are present in every culture, giving a large range of choice in lucky items as gifts. Look for lucky items in a form the recipient will appreciate.


Lucky bamboo Feng Shui gifts bring balance and luck. It requires very little care, just occasional watering. Found at gift, garden, and home stores, it usually comes in small Asian inspired containers and may be trained into spirals or other interesting shapes. Choose plants with six stalks for health, five for wealth, or three for happiness. Avoid four-stalked plants. Four is bad luck; it's the Chinese word shi, which also means death.


Nearly every culture has a charm or symbol for good luck. Give a charm bracelet with several of these symbols dangling from it. Clovers, horse shoes, and Chinese coins are a few items that symbolise luck that are found in charm forms. A single charm can be placed on a key ring or a necklace chain if the recipient doesn't want a bracelet.

Amber is considered a lucky stone. Amber pendants and earrings are lucky gifts for a woman. Consider an amber tie tack or cuff links for men. Birthstone items are also lucky charms.

Maneki Neko

Give a maneki neko as a good luck gift. The maneki neko is the Japanese cat figurine that usually has one paw raised as if waving. Japanese words of luck for different occasions are written directly on the cat or on a tablet the cat is holding, so there is a version for nearly any occasion you are wishing luck for. Maneki neko are available as mantle figures, garden ornaments, or banks--an item that many children like to display in their rooms.


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