Fundraising Ideas for Prom

Updated April 17, 2017

Each year students anticipate the prom and months of exciting preparations. An ideal goal would be to raise enough money that would allow funding for attire and transportation for less fortunate students. A determined group of teens, along with adult guidance, can pull off several fundraisers. Below are several ideas to help you in getting started. Whatever fundraiser you choose, promote it with advertising.

Battle of the Bands Fundraiser

Host a Battle of the Bands contest on your school campus. Each band can pay anywhere from £32 to £65 entry fee and can include local high school bands and bands within the community. On the day of the concert, allow each band to perform up to three songs and students and teachers can be the judges. Have a trophy and other nominal prizes for the winner. Admittance can be charged to attend Battle of the Bands, and sell food, drinks and even T-shirts.

Memory-Makers Fundraiser

Parents are eager to purchase videos and pictures of their kids, especially smaller events that they miss due to work or other conflicts. Using a school calendar as a schedule guide, film as many school events as possible: all sporting events, plays, concerts, pep rallies, graduation and awards day. Be certain to offer videos/pictures/DVDs to other schools as well. Sports videos may also be purchased to be used in college portfolios. Have order forms available at each event.

Fashion Fundraiser

Collect gently worn prom dresses and donated suits and dresses from stores and have students model them for a magazine you create, suggests Doug Broers of This can be advertising for them, or you can charge them to advertise in addition to the donated dresses. Solicit advertising spots from hair styling shops, spas, limousine services, local flower shops, make-up artists, jewellers and restaurants. Pictures can be taken at hotel ballrooms, local parks or gardens. Students will enjoy seeing their pictures in print modelling dresses, suits and jewellery. Sell the magazine in public areas besides the school. It is recommended that dresses pass adult approval before being used for the fashion magazine. If putting together a magazine isn't an option, have a fashion show and sell tickets for it in addition to advertising spots.

Clean-Up Fundraiser

School facilities and community buildings are often used by organisations outside of the school for various activities. Have the person in charge of scheduling events to ask each representative inquiring about using the facilities whether or not they would like to pay for clean-up services afterward for a nominal fee. Off-season athletic teams or any number of school clubs could participate as part of the clean up crew.

Dare Fundraiser

Have teachers volunteer to participate in the Double-Dog Dare Fundraiser. The teachers will determine a "price" that must be raised in order to complete dares imposed by students or other teachers. There must be a qualified, responsible adult willing to approve/disapprove all dares before they are actually made. Dares can be along the lines of shaving their heads (men), kissing a pig, kissing a horse or anything innocent and non-controversial. Pricing should be set to start at £32 to £65. The Double-Dog Dare Fundraiser can be an ongoing event.

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