Birthday gifts for men over 60

Updated November 21, 2016

Living 60-plus years provides a life full of stories, adventures and memories. You may feel you're competing with decades of good ideas when trying to find unusual birthday gifts for men over 60. Offer non-traditional gifts to men of this age group and focus on things that will provide comfort, bring back memories or are consumable.

Music CD and CD Player

Buy or burn him a CD from his favourite decade or era. Give him a CD filled with holiday music from his favourite artist or music era. Buy him a CD display rack. Get him a CD player, set it up and explore the features together with him.

Personalised Stationery

Buy him personalised stationery. Use his initials or name, or select a theme that complements his hobbies or interests. Add a personalised or engraved pen. Include a book of stamps, with a theme to match the stationery if available.

Afternoon Outing

Take him on an outing, and don't let him drive or pay for anything. Plan this in advance, if he's someone with an active schedule. Visit the museum, go to the movies, hike on a nature trail, play a round of golf or have picnic at the park.

Basket of Personal Items

If your over-60 friend or relative is in an assisted living facility or nursing home, give give him a basket of personal items. Fill the basket with such items as travel-size tissue packets, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, socks, hand lotion and hand soap. Be sure to give your time and attention as well.

Hobby Gift Basket

Give a hobby gift basket to a man over 60. For example, if he likes to do watercolour painting, fill the basket with watercolour pencils, a sharpener and eraser, watercolour paper and paintbrushes. Cover the hobby gift basket with coloured plastic wrap and a large bow.

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