60th Birthday Scrapbooking Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are looking for a great gift to give someone on their milestone 60th birthday, then a memory scrapbook may be an ideal gift to give. The pages can be filled with recollections from friends, as well as photos from throughout their life. As with most scrapbooks, a memory scrapbook usually contains a theme. Here are a few theme ideas.

Book Of Me

Typically when a scrapbooker builds a book of me, or BOM for short, they are making a scrapbook of things that are important to them. These can be beliefs and values, hobbies and interests or significant events in their lives. Although the BOM is typically centred on self, there is no reason that you can't build a book that is centred on the birthday guest of honour. The Book of Me differs from most memory books in that it focuses not just on past experiences, but also on values, beliefs and concepts that are important to the guest of honour.

This Is Your Life

The documentary game show This Is Your Life is one of the best remembered television shows from the 1950's. In the show, family and friends were called on to recollect memories of the show's guest. At the end of the show, these memories were collected into a book and presented to the guest. You can re-create this experience for the birthday recipient by having family and friends write down recollections of the person having the birthday. These recollections can then be collected into a scrapbook. Place each recollection on a page along with the photo of the person who wrote the account.

Chronological Scrapbook

People turning 60 are from the baby boomer generation, which some artists have called the 'picture generation.' The baby boom generation had regular snapshots taken throughout their life, and a school photo made each year. For this reason, a chronological scrapbook is a great gift to commemorate the life of a person turning 60. You can begin with infant photos, use school pictures and incorporate weddings, births and random snapshots.

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