How to make a C5 envelope

Seek out an envelope template.

When completed, a C5 envelope measures 162 mm (6 1/2 inches) tall by 229 mm (9 inches) long, appropriate for an A5 size paper or A4 paper, folded in half. This makes the C5 envelope the perfect envelope for greeting and celebratory cards. A festive handmade C5 envelope also adds a nice personal touch to any card-giving occasion. Additionally, handmade C5 envelopes are fine for mailing, as long as all of the necessary information can be easily seen.

Find a piece of paper that is both attractive and the weight you desire. While a see-through vellum envelope can be perfect for some occasions, other times you may want something a bit heavier. Search through scrapbook papers for your largest variety of options.

Click the main picture at the top of the page marked, "envelope template," for a larger view of your template. Right-click on the enlarged image and select "Print Target" to print a copy.

Take this copy to a print shop and have the assistant enlarge the image until the centre rectangle measures 162 mm by 229 mm (6 1/2 inches by 9 inches). If you are artistic or enjoy a challenge, chart out this template yourself onto a 30 cm by 30 cm (12 inch square) piece of paper.

Cut out the enlarged template and trace the outline onto your envelope paper in pencil. Although the dotted lines are only folding lines, and therefore do not need to be traced onto the final paper, you can create them by cutting out the centre rectangle from the template and tracing this.

Use the pencil lines to cut out the final envelope.

Finish the envelope by folding down the bottom flap using the dotted lines on the template as a guide. Fold down the side flaps onto the bottom and use the glue stick to adhere the side flaps to the bottom flap. Lastly, fold the top flap down. Once the envelope is filled, adhere the top flap with glue or a sticker.

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