Ideas for a Beatles-Themed Party

Updated November 21, 2016

Transport your guests back to the 1960s with a Beatles-themed party. All sorts of groovy ideas are out there if you want to throw this kind of party. A Beatles-themed party is a way to relive or learn about the culture of that era.


Let your imagination go when preparing the invitations. You can send out Yellow Submarine-shaped invitations, or you could create invitations the feature photos of the Beatles. Better still, create a tie-dye invitation and put lyrics from Beatles songs on the outside and inside flap of the invitation.

Set the Mood

You won't have to make any musical decisions, because the Fab Four and their contemporaries are the obvious choice. For the decorations, choose plates, cups and utensils in yellow or other bright, vivid colours if you can't find Beatles-specific items. You can also check your local fabric store for funky fabric that can used as a tablecloth.

Check party-rental places for cutouts of the Fab Four and try to find a lava lamp. Dress up in '60s clothes; a tie-dye shirt and some bell-bottomed trousers would work well.


Twister is always a favourite and should be a hit at almost any party. You also could make up a Beatles trivia game and test your guests' knowledge or play musical chairs to Beatles tunes, giving the winners door prizes.

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