40th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Your 40th birthday celebration is an important milestone in life. Many say that life starts at 40. You want your birthday party to reflect the excitement of the day. There are a variety of ideas that can make your special day unique and fun.

Over the hill party

To capture the mood of being "over the hill," use props such as black crows and gravestones as decorations. Utilise black decor and a menu with black ingredients.

As part of the menu, utilise items like black olives and caviar. Menus with these food items can be found at

Roast your birthday guest

A roast is a speech made by friends and family that makes fun of the birthday guest. Make sure that your birthday guest has a good sense of humour, but can handle some sarcastic remarks.

Plan on 30 to 45 minutes for your roast. This will allow for each guest to speak for about five minutes.

Some tips to make a good birthday roast include hiring a professional, such as a comedian, to serve as the emcee for the event and to help run the show. Brainstorm with the participants and orchestrate a practice run, if possible. Give a list of background info or facts about the birthday guest. One example would be 40 fun facts.

Casino birthday

A casino birthday is a festive and classy way to highlight your birthday gift. The casino event can be James Bond-inspired, with martinis and tuxedos.

Create a martini bar and have a friend work as a bartender. Set up different bars to have unique party cocktails for each station.

Set up a casino. Hire dealers to run fun games like roulette, blackjack and poker. Give prizes to the winners.

This is your life

Similar to the television show, gather people from your birthday guest's past. Teachers, former bosses and ex-significant others are some good examples.

You can create a theme book to include photos of the birthday guest's past. Also consider doing a photo presentation to coincide with the flow of the show.

Ask the birthday guest's parents if they have childhood (baby bottle, clothing, copy of birth certificate) that can be used as props for the party.

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