Homemade gag gifts for a 50th birthday

Updated February 21, 2017

The 50th birthday is something to celebrate in a grand way, and it doesn't get any grander than providing some homemade 50th birthday gag gifts. While some of the gifts' components may need to be purchased at stores, the overall creation is yours alone. Before you go all out with a gag gift, however, make sure you know the person well enough to be certain it will not offend him. You want to make him laugh, not upset him.

Old Folks Basket

Hook up a 50-year-old's version of the fine gift basket. Instead of a basket filled with fruit and goodies, however, stuff old people items in a bedpan. Goodies can include denture cleaner, a hot water bottle, arthritis salve, pain reliever, foot pads, reading glasses, plastic pill holders and an array of other age-related items found at drug or dollar stores. Top off the bedpan with cellophane and a bow, and you're good to go.


A creative cane can be made from just about any sticklike object, ranging from an old mop handle to a sturdy stick from a tree. The top does not have to be curved, as you can top it off with a slit tennis ball. Cut the stick to about 3 feet long and strip off the bark or outer coating. Spray paint it with a base coat, then use markers to add designs and humorous words or phrases. Some may include: "Old man cane," "Keep walking while you still can" or "Cane for old people only."

Retirement Fund

A gift of money is always appreciated, especially when the money is intended to tide the "oldster" over in retirement. Get a baby food or other small jar and strip off the label. Paint the top with a base coat, then decorate it with a marker. Affix a label to the top or front of the jar that says, "Retirement fund" and put a single penny inside.

Social Security Blanket

For crafty gift givers who like to crochet or knit, hook up a homemade blanket for your old-timer friend. Crochet or knit a small lap blanket as you normally would but top it off with a ribbon tied to a label that says, "Social Security blanket." You can also use fabric paints to write the words on a plain piece of cloth or old blanket and use that as the gift.

Memory Book

This little gag gift is simply a decorated notebook made up to serve as a reminder list for all the little things an ageing person may soon forget. Get a small, plain notebook. Decorate the front with markers, stickers and magazine cut-outs and title the gift: "Things You Might Need to Remember." Inside the book, label each page with things like: "Where I put my keys," "What time I took my medication" and "What's my name?"

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