75th birthday ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Celebrating birthdays is always fun and exciting for all involved, but there are certain milestone birthdays that deserve a little something extra. 75th anniversaries are known as platinum, so why not treat a 75th birthday the same way? Get your family and friends together to make your loved one's 75th birthday the most memorable one yet.


Plan a party for such a momentous occasion. Surprise parties are best for really special birthdays, such as the 75th if you can pull it off. Invite the entire family and all of the birthday celebrator's friends. If you need a little bit of help with the guest list, enlist the help of relatives or "borrow" the recipient's phone book for a bit. It's important to send out invitations for the surprise 75th birthday party that clearly state is will be a surprise party. You can include any themes or special ideas you may have for a big gift from everyone.


Entertainment at the 75th birthday celebration can be simple, extravagant or a little bit of both. Making a CD with a bunch of music from the decade she was born, or from her teen years to play in the background will likely send her down memory lane. You can ask the birthday celebrator to share some of her most memorable stories. Older people often enjoy sharing memories of yesteryear, and this is a great time to hear those tales. Record the party, especially those memories to treasure for years to come. A slideshow of photos depicting her entire life (including the black and white ones from her youth) can be played on a TV or large projection screen.

Roasting the guest of honour is another idea, if he has a great sense of humour. His friends, spouse, siblings, children, grandchildren and anyone else that want to can roast his honour.

Organised games, such as trivia games could be fun. The questions can be specifically about her life, or about the era in which she was born. See who knows more about the decade she was born--the birthday celebrator or the younger generation.


Platinum coated gifts, such as figurines or charms are terrific gifts to signify the importance of a 75th birthday. Choose figures that represent some favourite hobbies or things, like little platinum golf bag figures, fishing poles, classic cars or a favourite sport. Favourite animals, butterflies, flowers or whatever she treasures can also work well.

Everyone can pitch in and get something big, such as season tickets to a favourite team, a new high end set of golf clubs or even a boat or dream car if the budget permits. A favourite hobby or activity can be the inspiration for a large gift that comes from everyone. Even a new pure bred dog can be an appreciated gift, and make a great new companion, provided the birthday celebrator can take care of the new pet.

Another option is to make something to which everyone contributes. Use a large piece of poster board where everyone can write a message and sign their name. At the end of the party, have it framed to hang on the wall. You can add photos from the party to the poster, or just make a photo album or scrapbook to present later. Have everyone choose a nice piece of scrapbook paper and write their message, taking care to sign and date it. Take photos of everyone with the birthday celebrator so you can put that photo next to their message in the scrapbook after the party. Add candid shots as well and give the album or scrapbook as soon as possible.

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