How to Give Money at an Indian Wedding

Updated February 21, 2017

Money plays a vital role in most traditional Indian weddings. It is a traditional gift, symbolising prosperity for the new married couple. The amount of money you give at an Indian wedding is up to you, but Indians believe it should be an "auspicious" number of dollars that ends in a one. So it should be 21, 51 or 101 dollars rather than 20, 50 or 100.

Prepare the money envelope. Traditional Indian money envelopes can be purchased online or at local Indian wedding and grocery stores and are typically ornately designed and decorated. You may also choose to make your own decorative envelope using art paper, an envelope template, a scoring tool and embellishments such as rhinestones.

Choose an amount. Decide on a round figure such as 50 dollars and then add one to it.

Place the money (or a check for the amount) in the envelope. You may also want to include a small gift card with your well wishes and your name.

Hand over the envelope. You can either hand the money envelope to the couple at the wedding, drop it in the money box on the gift table or mail it to the new couple's home (checks, not cash).


Indian wedding couples do expect money from American friends and family members at weddings.

Things You'll Need

  • Indian money envelope
  • Cash or check
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