Nursing home week activity ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Nursing homes are places that often go unrecognized. They provide a home-like setting for people who may need extra medical assistance or for those who are battling terminal illnesses. It is important to keep the morale of everyone high, from residents to employees alike. National Nursing Home Week is a special time where nursing homes are placed in the spotlight and special attention is paid to the entire organisation. During National Nursing Home Week, several activities are often planned to honour and recognise all aspects of nursing home life.

Involving the Residents

Without the residents, the nursing home would cease to exist, as there wouldn't be anybody to help and take care of it. It is important during Nursing Home Week that the residents are in the spotlight. Planning activities that are centred toward getting the residents involved is crucial during this time. There are different levels of care in each nursing home, so plan activities according to the abilities of each level of care. For residents who are able to perform most activities of daily living, see if there is any town event, such as a parade, that the residents can participate in. In addition, all residents might benefit from a "What's Hot?" theme, where trends, fashions, and music from their era is featured, allowing time for the residents to reminiscence.

Involving the Employees

Working in a nursing home can be a beneficial experience. Most employees, especially caregivers, become very close to the residents. A great way to get the employees involved in Nursing Home Week is by having a "Who Is This?" theme. Residents or their families can submit photos from the resident's childhood and the employees can try to guess who the resident is in the picture.

Involving the Family

It is important that family stay involved in a resident's life while at a nursing home, which is why during Nursing Home Week, it is important to involve the family even more. It is possible to ask a few resident's to showcase some of their life experiences. Encourage family to come and visit their loved ones and listen to their own personal stories about what life was like. Ask the family to bring in things that the resident like, like some of their favourite foods or mementos.

Involving the Community

The community is an important part of a nursing home community. Encourage church choirs or younger school classrooms to come and visit the residents for a few hours. Offer up a nice lunch that both the residents and younger visitors would enjoy, allowing interaction between the two groups.

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