Ideas for a casino theme party

Updated April 17, 2017

Casino-themed parties can be lots of fun. It's a chance for everyone to let loose and play a bit in a safe and familiar environment. There are lots of things you can do to bring your casino theme to life from decorations and food to the invitations and entertainment. Whether you decide to do a "Vegas casino" theme, "Bond casino" concept, "Mardi Gras casino" style or "Wild West saloon poker" party, you'll be sure to have fun and make it a night to remember.


Make fake money with the face of the party person in the centre. If it's a birthday put the number of the birthday in the dollar amount sections. Create "tickets to Vegas." Make it look like an airline ticket and fill in the information. Oversized playing cards are good card invites, as well, or Vegas-like postcards.


Place a "Welcome to Vegas" sign on the front entrance. Set up a red and black balloon arch for guests to walk under. Cover tables with red and black tablecloths. Set out casino card themed napkins and plates. If having a seated dinner use miniature playing cards or miniature dice and write each person's name on them as place cards.


Serve James Bond-inspired martinis. For food, offer: barbecue, finger foods such as quesadillas, chicken nuggets, shrimp cocktails, cut sushi rolls and fruit kebabs.


Rent some gaming tables and hire a few people to deal. Blackjack, poker, roulette and craps are popular choices. You can also have a raffle. Have guests cash in their chips at the end of the night for raffle tickets and give away some prizes. Rent slot machines and let guests try their luck at the machines.


Hand out poker chip keychains--they're fun, something everyone can use and cheap. Pick up some decorative shot glasses and give these out. Make heart-, spade-, diamond- and club-shaped candies or chocolates.

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