What eyeshadow colors look good with blue eyes?

Updated February 21, 2017

Matching your eye colour to your eyeshadow can become boring and usually does not bring out the best in your eye colour. It is better to focus on natural, subtle colours that correspond with your skin tone and eye colour. Once you find the best eyeshadow for your eye colour, hair and skin shade, your eyes will really stand out. It will make the whites of your eyes look more clear and white, and emphasise your eye colour.

What Colors Look Good With Blue Eyes?

If you have blue eyes, look for eye make-up that matches undertones within your blue eyes. Dark blue eyeshadow in the creases of the eyelids brings out the blue tones in your eyes, so this is one area where the "don't wear the same shade eyeshadows as your eye colour" rule doesn't apply. Eyeshadow shades that look good with light and dark blue eyes include taupe, deep blue, grey, violet, purple, peach, silvery blue and brown. For a more dramatic effect, use one of the eyeshadow shades with black eyeliner to create a smoky effect. You can even use more colourful shades, such as turquoise, bright violet and coral to really bring out your eyes in darker places, like restaurants and clubs.

Matching Eyeshadow Colors to Blue Eyes

When choosing eyeshadow shades, also consider your skin and hair colour. Taking this into consideration will make your blue eyes pop even more. If you are fair, stick to lighter shades of colours and don't wear very dark shades often. If you have darker skin, stay away from the bright white and light colours and lean more towards darker shades. For blondes with blue eyes, purple shades like lilac, lavender and violet work well because the purple works well with fairer skin on blondes. For brunettes with blue eyes, use any of the listed shades because they all work well with the dark and light tones in brown shades of hair. For redheads with blue eyes, taupe, copper and brown shades make blue eyes pop because of the earthy undertones in the hair shade. For black hair with blue eyes, lean more towards the peachy and coral shades to help contrast with the dark hue.

Ideal Products

There are several make-up brands to choose from, and there are also some that cater to matching up eye colours with different shades of make-up. There are entire lines of make-up for redheads, brunettes, blondes and black hair, compete with colour matching mascara, eyeshadow, eye liner and lipstick. Trusted brands with these types of products include Almay with its I-Tense products, Revlon and Cover Girl. These types of products could be a great guide to get started with when trying to make your blue eyes pop with eyeshadow colours. Another shadow manufacturer for blue eyes is Urban Decay. Its gold-toned Half Baked colour is ideal for those who really want to make their eyes look alluring and noticeable. MAC makes truly remarkable shadows for blue eyes. Its shadows include Amber Lights, which is specifically designed for those with fair skin and eyes.

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