Costumes for a career day for kids

Updated March 21, 2017

Costumes for a career day for children are extremely easy to procure and are a fun way for children to express themselves and an interest in their future vocation. Many of these costumes can be purchased easily or made with clothing and objects found around your house. Your child will have a blast pretending to be what she wants to be when she grows up. Plus, these costumes will serve as great dress-up clothes once Career Day is over.


Doctor and nurse costumes can be purchased at most children's toy stores. In addition, children can use their regular doctor kit and wear sweat pants and a plain matching T-shirt. He can drape the stethoscope from the kit around his neck and carry the kit as if he is a doctor who is wearing scrubs.

Policeman and Firefigthers

Many young children aspire to an occupation that serves and protects. Purchase a policeman or fireman costume inexpensively at a toy store or at a chemist (if it is near Halloween or just after). Police badges can usually be purchased at a toy store to add extra authenticity. Many schools have a policy against toy guns on school grounds. Find out the policy before including it in your child's costume. Fireman hats are usually available at any children's store at a variety of price points (from plastic to durable metal).


Have your child wear her tutu, leotard, shoes and tights that she wears to ballet class each week. Pin her hair up in a bun for extra polish. If she doesn't have a tutu, you can purchase one at a toy or thrift store. Leotards and tights can also be purchased fairly inexpensively from dance stores or larger stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Payless.


Many children aspire to be teachers, but there is no costume that readily identifies one as a teacher. Dress your child in a cardigan and slacks (or skirt) and dress shoes. Purchase some fake glasses at a costume store or accessory store (many sell vanity glasses with clear lenses). Have your child carry an apple, ruler and some notebooks. Chalk or dry erase markers also add to the ensemble.


Does your child want to be the next Shakespeare or Hemingway? Dress him up in regular clothing, but add some faux glasses and a notebook. In addition, you can purchase a feather quill (or simply use a feather) that will add an extra edge to the costume.

Sports and Cheerleading

If your child wants to play professional sports, you can very easily purchase a sports or cheerleader costume at any children's store. You can also use your old uniforms or dress her up in the uniform she wears for baseball practice or cheerleading. Thrift stores also carry a number of these types of costumes, and jerseys and baseball hats can be procured at any sporting goods store. Have her carry a football or baseball or pom poms for extra authenticity.


Many children express an interest in the exciting idea of becoming a spy. Dress her up in a child's business suit (or one of yours) and have her carry a briefcase and binoculars. She will look like a polished spy ready for her first case.

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