Homemade Beauty Tips for Lips

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Chantelle Tarride, professional makeup artist. Today, I'll be showing you homemade beauty tips for lips. We're going to exfoliate Rebecca's lips today by using two ingredients: Sugar and olive oil. I use olive oil because it's the most natural oil. It doesn't effect the skin, actually nourishes, conditions, has Vitamins A and E in it. And then, sugar is going act, not only will it taste good on your lips, but it's also going to act as an exfoliator because of the little scrubs. So, what you want to do, in a small bowl like this, is you just want to pour a small amount of that olive oil straight into your container. Swirl it around. you're making kind of like a paste with this, so it's nice and mixed. And now, once you've mixed it up, you can actually go in with your finger, just kind of swirl it in there. Get a nice little amount of the sugar on your finger. And, what we're doing is, in a circular motion, we're going to actually start exfoliating her lips. This is actually a method that tastes kind of good if you do happen to get a little bit in your mouth. Really gently, we're just scrubbing. You can take more, it's best to have a lot of that sugar more than the oil on your finger than anything, because that's the actual part that will be doing the exfoliation. And, the result of this, because you exfoliated, taking off basically any dead skin cells, the oil itself is what's actually nourishing the skin. It's getting to any cracks. It's going to heal anything in there that may be cracked open because you had chap lips. And, you can do this, maybe, for about a minute or two. And, once you're done with exfoliation, you just rinse it off. Okay. Or, you can go in with a wet towel, and just gently wipe off all of that oil and sugar from your lips. Or, lick off any excess, either/or. And, that is some homemade tips for lips. I'm Chantelle Tarride. Thank you for watching.

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