Video transcription

Hi, I'm Robert with A-1 Carpet Man. I'm going to show you how to remove acrylic paint from your carpet. You take a glass and you've got to go around the outside and make sure you get some of that fiber out of the way. Then I take a knife and kind of trim it around. Yeah, you want to get a scrap piece of carpet and put down your glass exactly the same way. Remove some of the hair around there, some of the fiber and get another piece. Now you want to take a piece of pressure sensitive tape, cut you off a piece, lift up the carpet, put the tape underneath the carpet, put it in the middle there so you get it all the way around and take your piece and you want to pull your fiber back. You want to set that in there, pull your fiber back all the way around, take your tracker and run over it. And there you go. I'm Robert and I just showed you how to remove paint from your carpet.