Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jessica Adams with Pure Skin Artistry, and today I'm going to show you how to apply makeup for older women. We're going to start with a powder foundation. You want to apply this with a small Kabuki brush, swirl it in the top here and just apply all over the face. So you just want to blend all of this in and just keep applying until you get the coverage that you want, all over the lips, down here into the chin and around the nose area. The same thing on this side. Now something that's really important in older skin is to cover up this declote with some foundation, with foundation all over it, if the declote doesn't match it's very easy to tell you have too much makeup on. And that's our foundation. Next we're going to apply a powder concealer on top. Here's our concealer. Use a little powder brush just like this, tap out the excess. Just go to all of those areas that may get red. You may need to just disguise something, anywhere where you would normally conceal, around the nose, sometimes when we get red right here around the lips. You want to not forget that. Do this other eye. So that's our concealer. The next thing we're going to do is apply a shadow. This is a nice matte color. For older skin you really want to stay away from any shimmers because it's actually going to make the skin look like it's a bit scaly if it's not moisturized enough so you want to go ahead and take this, sweep it all the way across the eye. Again it's a nice matte color. It can go across the entire eyelid. Just do the same on the other eye and that's our shadow. Next we're going to use a pencil liner and a smudging brush, do the liner here. You want to start on this outer corner and stay really close to the lash line here. There's no need to go across and make it heavy. Staying on this outer corner allows you to help open up the eye. So then we just take the smudging brush and blur that just a bit. Then we do the same on the other eye, staying on this outer corner here. Take your smudging brush, so that's the liner and next we're going to go into mascara. You just want to get here on the tops and the bottoms, coat evenly. This really helps open up the eyes. If you've got small eyes or the skin is starting to sag just a bit, it can help open it up, both sides and that's your mascara. Next we're going to go into blush. I have a nice plum blush here and an angled blush brush. As you age you want to wear more blush because we lose pigment in our skin as we age. So apply it to this top apple of the cheek here, the top bone and blending out helps lift the bone. Do the same on the other side and that's our blush. As far as her lips go, we're going to apply a nice shimmer lip gloss, start in the middle and blend it out. The gloss helps any dry lips, any cracks, anything like that. If you have extremely dry lips you may want to apply a ChapStick before so you don't get any bleeding. And that is how you apply makeup for older women. This has been Jessica Adams, and thank you for watching.