Video transcription

Hey, everybody. It's "Dynamic" John Mickel of Dynamic Carpet Care, and every day I'm asked, "How do I get out stains. How do I get out odors out of my carpet?" One that I'm asked quite a bit is, "How do I get that set-in dog smell out of my house? You're so used to the smell, and somebody walks in and says, "Wow, it smells like dog in here", and you don't smell anything. That means that you may have an issue. So, what you want to do is, you want to take your trusty spray bottle, mix it with some warm water. You take your vinegar, couple ounces of vinegar, and mix that in there. What that's going to do is, it's going to create a neutralizer for you. Next, you want to take it to your AC intake. You're going to mist it into there in case that that smell is lingering in the ductwork. Next thing you want to do is walk throughout the house, and just mist that solution throughout the house. There's a good chance that, you know, if you've had dogs for years, it's lingering, it's set-in throughout the house. If that does not work, there's a good chance that you're going to have to contact a local professional, because he'll have the proper cleaning solutions and deodorizers and disinfectants to neutralize your carpet, and get rid of that set-in dog smell. So, I hope this helped you maybe get rid of that set-in dog smell. If not, contact that local professional, or contact me at And remember, keep it clean, my friends.