Video transcription

Hi my name is Robert Herdan. I'm the owner of WestOaks Tile and today we are going to install a new light switch. Well the tools we're going to need to install our new light switch is going to be a flathead screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver. Our power is already turned off and we have our two new wires coming out of our box and I'm going to take our new light switch, which I have here in my hand, and we're going to first we're going to attach the black wire here first. There we go. So we've gotten our black wire in position and now we are using our flathead screwdriver to clamp it into place. And now we will take our red wire. Most of the time this will be white. For us right now we have a red wire. And we will put it into place here. It's basically the same wire along the same loop. And so all we're doing is completing the loop for the light. OK so now we take our wires and we want to shove them to the back so we can get our light switch into place. Once we got it in position, we'll go ahead and take our two screws that come with the light switch, and you just screw them into place. Now I like to just start the first one just to hold it in place and then take our second screw and we'll just kind of put it in. Now the second screw, just go ahead and put it in snugly and then finish off. And once we got that one in, we want to look, make sure it's nice and square so it will look good when we're done then we'll go ahead and take our cover plate, put that over our light switch and take the screws that came with our cover place and just simply put those in. They're in snugly. We'll check. OK our light is working good. I'm Robert Herdan, the owner of WestOaks Tile and we just installed our new light switch.