Video transcription

Hi, I'm Ali Reynolds with Ali's Organics, and we're going to show you how to control ants in your vegetable garden beds. We have to stay organic here because we've got little creates like Lilly here running around. We don't want to use anything toxic that will hurt her. So some suggestions that we have is just something that's real simple, just some bottled water. This is peppermint oil. It's just an essential oil. I'm just going to put in like ten drops into this not quite a quart and this is great too because you can actually use this in your house and it's totally safe also and they don't like the smell of this and you can just spray this around the perimeters of your vegetable bed. You can even spray this right on plants and it's not going to hurt them. Ants don't like the smell of it so they're just basically going to stay far away from it. Some other choices we've got is ant and insect crawling bat and all it is is diatomaceous earth which is totally fine for guys like this because it's actually in their food when you get organic food for them. You're going to go right around the perimeter of your bed or if you've got a plant in the ground, probably not going to bother marigolds but we're just going to go and sprinkle this right around the plant that seems to be where you have the problems with the insects. If you're using diatomaceous earth, you're going to want to do this again once it gets wet because once it's wet, it does no good, the ants will begin to come again. If you're doing watering through soaker hoses, that's the best way to water anyways and it doesn't get this wet. Some things that also will help keep the ants away is on the edge is it has a tendency to dry out on your beds and they like the edges, you'll find that they will be living there more. So if it's moisture around the edges, also along with the center then they tend to stay away from that. So these are just some choices to help you keep ants out of your vegetable garden.