Video transcription

Hi, my name is Dana Johnson and I'm going to show you today how to make a bingo card for free just by using some things around the house. It's a standard piece right here of construction paper. I'm going to fold it into four and we are going to actually get four bingo cards out of this. Of course if you have more children over or friends over to play this with of course you'll, you can easily make more. So cut it in half. And it's just easy to go ahead and cut to make them as close as possible to the all the same size just by cutting them on the fold. You can try many different versions of this. You can go ahead and make your bingo games with numbers, maybe alphabet. Let the children choose. Maybe they are real creative and they want to use ice cream flavors for that matter. So anyway I've simply cut the cards. Then I'm going to take also just using things from around the house a ruler, a pencil. I've already used the scissors and the paper. And for your markers you can always use pennies, raisins. Go ahead let the kids get creative. So right here this says it's six inches across. I'm just going to go ahead and mark them. And I'm going to draw out the lines. It's not going to be perfectly sized because it's six by five. But it's actually going to still work out just fine. Do the last one down here. As long as you can spell the word bingo across the top that's the most important part. So you can do them in the long way if you prefer or you can do them across if you prefer. Okay so I'm going to spell the word bingo. B I N G O which is also something fun to do with the kids because it's teaching spelling as well. And of course you find the middle square for in your grid and you put the word free cause that's the one free space that the children have if they are going to go diagonally, or if they are going to go horizontally, or vertical. So again this is a game of color bingo. There is also a blank spaces here for the color white. Like for instance here's a little ticket that be I white. But I actually happen to pick up I red. And guess what, that gives me here a bingo. Which also another fun point is is to use the pennies and you can talk about money with the children as well. Again the possibilities for this game are endless.