Video transcription

Hi, I'm Nicole Aleskas, Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm going to be showing you deep connective tissue massage. Connective tissue massage is not for everybody. It can be incredibly intense. It is really good for structural imbalances, contractures of the muscle tissue, making the connective tissue which surrounds all the muscles and the organs in balance. I'm going to be showing you some techniques on the back. Typically we don't use oil or cream or very little. You're going to use, for the superficial layers, I'm going to be showing you on this area of the back, there are some people who map out connective tissue but I try to just go where the body tells me to go, basically just around the big area of the muscle and with your last three fingers and your thumb, you're going to grasp the flesh and pull towards you. So glide around the edges of the muscle and pull. You can do this pretty much anywhere, don't put a lot of pressure on the bony landmarks. You want to grab the flesh, the fleshy areas, not so much the muscle tissue yet because we haven't gotten into the deeper areas. You've got to warm up the body first. You can do this all along the back. Something I like called rolling and you're just going to grasp the skin between your thumbs and your fingers, the first two fingers and roll towards you and the areas that are harder to roll are the areas you want to focus on. There's more constriction there, even do it over the arm and again just the fleshy areas, not so much the muscle tissue yet. This brings a lot of blood to the surface breaking up any adhesions. For deeper layers, you can do kind of a push and pull and release. This is going to get into the fascia, into the muscle tissue but also the connective tissue. This is a great move you can do pretty much anywhere on the legs, on the arms. You can do a full body connective deep tissue massage but initially you might be focusing on some more troubled areas. The therapist will find the origination of imbalances and work on those areas first and then more maintenance later on. For more information you can go to my website, That was deep connective tissue massage. Thanks and be well.