Video transcription

Hi, my name is Barbara. We are here at the Village on Main in Utah, and I'm going to be your swimming expert for today. Today, we are going to talk about how to do some swimming exercises that will give your lower back some pain relief. What you'll need is a swimming pool, a bating suit, a swimming cap, and some goggles. The best thing for your back is to not have any stress or any strain on it. And when you are in the pool there's a lot less gravity and so that just being in the pool alone can really give you a lot of pain relief for your back. You could put one noodle up above by your neck and one noodle below your knees. And from there you can pull your knees in and then stretch your legs out. You can feel your lower back curling and stretching and that can really give your back some relief. You can also try holding onto the top of the deck, placing your feet flat against the wall and pull yourself close to the deck and feel the stretch in your lower back. And those are some lower back exercises that you can do for lower back pain relief in the pool.