How to remove tadpoles from a swimming pool

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Tadpoles eventually grow into frogs. If you have tadpoles in your swimming pool, this indicates that the water environment of your pool supports life. Tadpoles thrive in environments conducive to egg fertilisation and development. Once the tadpole hatches, it will need these same environmental conditions to become a frog. If you don't want tadpoles hanging out in your pool and you don't want to kill them, you'll need to make it easier to catch them.

Place a screen over the drain of your swimming pole. The screen netting must have small enough holes in it to keep the tadpoles from getting sucked through it.

Drain your swimming pool until only one foot of water remains.

Fill a five gallon bucket with the existing pool water.

Net the tadpoles with a pool leaf-skimming net. Drag the net behind the tadpoles and then scoop them up on top of it.

Hold the net over the five-gallon bucket and then dump the tadpoles into the bucket. Continue netting the remainder of the tadpoles until you can see no more.

Drain the pool the rest of the way.

Refill the pool and keep the water well chlorinated. Tadpoles cannot survive in a well-chlorinated pool.

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