Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about what's known as water hammer or a water squeak in your pipe. A lot of times, you'll turn on a shower valve or when a toilet's flushing you'll get a squeal or hammering sound. Typically, this is due to pressure. Sometimes, it can be some air pockets but usually you are going to have a pressure issue. Now in your home, you should have what they call a pressure-reducing, or pressure-regulating valve. It will look something like this. It will face either out or to the side. If you've got one of these and you feel you've got a lot of water pressure you can go to your local store pick up a pressure gauge check your pressure. Typical pressure is between 50 and 90 pounds. And if you got over 90 pounds, either your valve's gone bad or you do not have one. If you do have one and you need to either increase or decrease your pressure, that's done with this bolt. Sometimes it's a screw. So, what you want to do is loosen the little locknut. Just takes a quick turn. Then, if you are going to increase your pressure you want to turn your bolt counter, or clockwise will increase your pressure. Clockwise to increase, counterclockwise to decrease. Turn the bolt about one full turn. And at this point you'll want to flush the toilet or turn on a faucet to make sure the pressure adjusted. If you still need to adjust it come back and continue your adjustment. Once you get the pressure to the appropriate pressure that you are wanting at that point, you want to take and lock your locknut down. This will keep the valve from adjusting itself. You've now got the appropriate settings. If you still have a problem at that time. You may want to seek professional help, have your valve replaced. They do wear out on occasion. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah. We've know shown you what to do if you have water hammer or high pressure.